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In a short distance from our complex, you will find a lot of well-known magnificent beaches.

Located 1.5 km from the village of Sivota. Sheltered beach with white pebbles and clear blue waters. The colors of the sea along with the green of nature surrounding the beach, forming a beautiful landscape. It is organized, has a tavern, coffee and water sports enthusiasts will simply adore!

Located next to the beach Mega Ammos. Smaller beach of Mega Ammos, as indicated by its name, but with the same features, clean, turquoise waters and white pebbles. Known beach for the bar featuring cocktails with the beautiful and enchanting music.

Located in the village of Sivota. Small sheltered and quiet beach with white pebbles and clear blue waters, is peace and quiet place. Next to the beach, there is a small olive grove.

Located in the islands of Sivota, specifically in islet Black Mount. Access is possible only by boat. Beautiful beach with white sand and pebbles, deep blue waters and lush green vegetation to the embraces. A serene and idyllic scenery pretty much touted

Magnificent beach is also located an island of Syvota islet Mourtemeno belongs to those who need to visit anyway once in his life. The fact that it is an island should not consider hurdle, as you can cross the shallow water and get away. It is a small beach with white sand and clear blue water and vegetation surrounding the beach.

The beach is near the village of Sivota, the water is very warm and the sand stretches along. Next there is a shop, giving you the chance to enjoy a coffee or meal

It is organized with a bar restaurant and beach for sea bikes for rent boats to visit the islets are within walking distance

Leaving from Mikri Ammo towards Perdika you will find the beach Mega Ntrafos. You should leave the car to the road above. The beach has sand and pebbles. There is a canteen that offers the basics. It is organized.

The water is warm, the beach is pebbly and possessed of incredible calm. It has stunning view of Agios Nikolaos.

It is after the beach Mega Ntrafo and must say that it belongs to the village of Perdika. The sea is warm and has something exotic. There is a small island located a short distance from the beach.

The Karavostasi beach is a very long beach with white sand and blue water. It has amazing scenery where you can enjoy your coffee or your food. Also, you can rent for your fun water canoeing, pedalos etc. Finally, your beach access is easy and undoubtedly has a lot of space to park.

Sheltered beach with fine sand and crystal clear waters. It is ideal and preferred for families with children since it is very shallow. Clearly one easily reaches the beach is very accessible and has parking space. Finally you have the opportunity to rent a boat to visit the neighboring beaches.